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Shiro Schwarz is an audiovisual production and performance duo. On 2011, after working together in a variety of audiovisual performance projects together, Pammela Rojas & Rafael Marfil decided to explore the aesthetics of 80s disco, funk and boogie and produced an EP titled "Eye Of The Storm". They performed a live set with visuals inspired by the 64bit video game console era, that set the basis of their style of their future works.


"Exoplanet Love" was their first full length conceptual album released digitally, as well as physically in form of a limited edition compact cassette. The album features eleven tracks that go from space disco to mid tempo funk and boogie, it was reissued by german label Modularfield Records, also in a limited edition of tapes. This time the live show featured detailed 3D graphics that, together with the music, told a story that took place in an alien psychedelic world in need of help.


The duo released a new EP independently that increased the interest of the public in their melodic style with pop structures and a focus on danceable grooves. It was followed by the release of "Get Ready" a two piece EP released by Future City Records with funk as well as synth pop flavor.


In the spring of 2014 Shiro Schwarz toured Berlin and had a live show at Razzmatazz in Barcelona. While in Berlin they worked on the creation of new songs and a music video. "Separation Anxiety" is a four piece conceptual EP with marked romantic quality and emotional lyrics. The music video is a collection of images that talk about two people that can't be together. It shows distorted fragments of their time together, representing the residual images of dreams.


The duo has performed in events such as Festival Ceremonia, Festival NRMAL, OFFF Mexico. They have also performed as the opening act for Nicolas Jaar, Tesla Boy and Fritz Kalkbrenner.


Shiro Schwarz is currently working on their new album and presenting their immersive audiovisual show.


An extrasensory voyage through space into a mysterious funky universe. Welcome to the space yacht.


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